T333BK Yocan Pandon Quad Quartz Coil Concentrate Vaporizer Black Wax Pen electric

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- Dual quartz coil wax pen

- Four quartz heating rods heat instantly
- Longer lasting 1300mAh battery
- 3 variable voltage settings


T333BK  Yocan Pandon Quad Wax Pen Vaporizer uses two Dual Quartz Coils (QDC) for a total of four quartz heating rods that heat instantly! The 1300mAh battery is longer lasting than other vapes. tech details: QUAD Coil Resistance 0.8ohm | Low / Med / High Variable Voltage Settings: 3.5 / 3.8 / 4.2 Volts | 10-second Safety Cut-off | Package comes with: 1x Pandon Wax pen (2x pre-installed coils), 2x Coil Caps, 1x Wax Tool, 1x Wax Tool, 1x Micro USB Cable, 1x User manual