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Pulsar High Class Beaker glass Water Pipe - 10.5" 14mm F Assorted A272

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A272 Pulsar High Class Beaker glass Water Pipe is a smooth hitting glass water pipe that is shaped like a fancy schmancy lab beaker. Features a removable diffusing downstem with a 14 millimeter herb slide and a three pinch ice catcher. This pipe is durable because it's made from borosilicate glass and has a thick 45 millimeter mouth piece. It's also very stable and well balanced due to its wide beaker style base.


  • 10.5 inch glass water pipe
  • Beaker shape
  • Durable boro glass
  • 3 inch ice pinch
  • Sold in assorted colors (colors may vary)
  • Includes herb slide & diffuser downstem