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Grav Labs 3.75" Metal Dugout Black CC205BK

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CC205BK Grav Labs Dugout incorporates a futuristic design that re-invents the classic smoker's tool. Made with anodized 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum and a clear storage area viewing window. Features include a compact pocket size, taster bat chamber, herbal storage chamber, matching serrated tooth one-hitter taster bat, twisting magnetic lid, and a recessed ash caching cleaning pin on the bottom. Includes a zip-up carrying case and a carabiner clip so you can clip to your keychain or lanyard. 


       3.75" tall anodized aluminum dugout


      • Futuristic CNC design w/ 2 chambers


      • Matching taster bat w/ serrated teeth (included)


      • Magnetic twist lid


      • Transparent viewing window


      • Recessed cleaning pin


      • Zip-up carrying case (included)

Grav Labs Dugout is designed to be easy to use. The twisting magnetic lid makes it so you don't have to deal with screws getting too tight or too loose over time like on a traditional wooden dugout. When you open the dugout, the spring loaded metal taster bat will gently pop out so you can grab it. Push the serrated end of the taster bat into the storage chamber with your herbal material and twist it side to side to pack the end. The clear viewing window allows you to see how much flower you have left. After you are done smoking, push the serrated taster bat end onto the bottom cleaning pin and twist to clean out your ash. Finally, put the taster back into it's storage compartment and twist the lid back in place.