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Genius Smoking Pipe Color - Ocean Harvest - Blue with Black Body DD770BLUBK

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DD770BLUBK Genius Smoking Pipe sport colorful anodized aluminum body parts  that come magically magnetically together to form the sleekest, sexiest, and, yes, smartest pipe in the world. You  will love the way this pipe looks with its slender aluminum body in various bright colors. Using 12 strong magnets, body parts slide apart and snap back together like an ingenious toy. The look and feel alone are worth this pipe's price, however the true brilliance of a Genius Pipe is inside.

Sophisticated, yet simple patented dimple technology cools and filters smoke like a waterpipe, but without water. The dimples create 2,000 vortexes as smoke is drawn through, transferring heat to the pipe's aluminum body rapidly, cooling even the hottest hit before being inhaled. Vortex points also act as filters, collecting residue like tar and particulate matter, keeping it from the lungs. So you get cough-less smoking and chill miracle hits.

 6"x1.5".6". Made in USA.