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Genius Smoking Pipe 6" Color - Gold with Gold Body DD770GD

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DD770GD Genius Pipe is the next generation smoking pipe which features innovative water-less filtration system. Genius cools down and filters smoke using a patented dimple technology design. The dimples create 2000 smoke vortexes inside with each breath which leads to 2 healthy effects: 1 - Smoke is cooled extremely fast because vortexes transfer heat to aluminum at a much greater rate than any other pipe. 2 - Each dimple vortex leaves behind tar residue resulting in much cleaner smoke. With this technology, the pipe brings a smooth and cough-less smoking experience. Genius Pipe is simple to take apart and put back together and a breeze to clean with some rubbing alcohol. A sleek and discreet design makes this pipe easy to carry with you almost anywhere. Made with anodized aluminum and held together by 4 powerful magnets. Pipe Measures 6" long x 1.5" wide. Made in USA.