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Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage Mods Introduction guide to VV/VW Vape

Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage Mods Introduction guide to VV/VW Vape

Posted by Pipesarsenal on Sep 27th 2018

This Pipesarsenal guide will cover Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage vape Mods, although these vaporizers were uncommon and very expansive vaping mods, the extremely fast advancement of vaping devices did VV/VW Mods common, very ubiquitous and inexpensive to some extent. By the way VV/VW is shot for Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage. In this article you will find the description of the variable voltage / variable wattage vaping mods, how these devices operate and numerous pluses and minuses of VV/VW vaping Mods. 

Description of a VV/VW Mod

Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage vaping device is electricity operating vaping mod and its circuitry can control power generation. It does it by setting its power production in following ways. The first method is mod’s circuitry can set different voltage. The second method is this device can set different wattage. Also these vaping mods have the safety circuitry to deliver a protection for the consumer and to avoid or stop the destruction of the vaping mod. The protection system of VV/VW vape devices does these mods a great choice for people who started vaping recently and for much more experienced vapers too. These days the market offers a huge choice for many different VV/VW mods. They have different limits for power output and huge variety for many other characteristics. Although there is big selection of Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage mods on the market, it’s good to know they all have a similar inner structure. The VV/VW vaping mods are regulated by the micro processor, this lets to adjust the different settings like protection and many more features like showing battery charge, resistance of coil and more things. The very important inner distinctions are microprocessor, either it utilizes replaceable batteries or inner batteries and the other important factor if the batteries sit in the series circuit or they are in parallel circuit. The position of battery defines either the microprocessor will raise the voltage to reach the chosen setting in the parallel circuit design or it will decrease a power to reach the chosen setting in the series circuit design.

Reasons to Select VV/VW Mod

The Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage device can modify an output which is very important in many different ways, this ability lets to replace really fast many different atomizers with the distinct resistance, wire sizes, coil kinds. The capability of VV/VW vaping mods to regulate the amount of power generation lets vapers to control the heat production of the coils, this can alter the flavor of or burn particular e-juices and it is helpful for the consumer to control if he / she desires to take shorter or longer pulls to produce the same volume of vapor. These vaporizers let you to reset anything with couple of button clicks and you can enjoy your desired mode of vaping. 

VV/VW Mod and Safety

This kind of vaping devices might be called the most reliable mods and beginners suitable mods that you can buy currently because these devices have tons of viable safety features.

Thermal Safety: Deactivates the vape mod if it gets too heated.

Over Charge/ Discharge Protection: Stops the vaporizer from firing if the batteries got over charged or over discharged.

Min / Max Resistance Protection/ Limits: Stops the vaporizer from firing an atomizer whose coils resistance are too big or too small for the mod to safely operate.

Short Circuit Protection: Inhibits your mod from firing if there is a short circuit.

Reverse Polarity Protection: Defends the vaping device and vaper from falsely installed batteries.

More features in VV/VW Mod

VV/VW Mods are often having much more features than just variable voltage and variable wattage. These devices can have any arrangement of the subsequent features and with very fast advancement of VV/VW Mod technology there is the chance that some features are not in the following list.

Display atomizer resistance.

Display battery charge bar.

Display voltage / wattage setting

Display voltage under load in actual time.

Temperature Regulation is a new feature that gives modifiable limitation of the coils highest temperature by sensing alterations in atomizer resistance under load.

Mechanical / Bypass Mode lets output to be controlled by the battery's condition of charge and the atomizers resistance.

Lock/Unlock to stop unintentionally firing the mod.

Puff counter to display the number of pulls you did.

USB Passthrough lets the vaper to vape and chare the device at the same time 

Shortcomings of VV/VW  Devices

The VV/VW devices require more room for their smart circuitry and wires to function like or even better than mechanical mods function, that’s why VV/VW vape devices are usually bigger in size than fixed voltage regulated devices and mechanical vaporizers. Usually the smaller Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage vape devices feature shorter battery life time, decreased limit of maximum output power, reduced functional resistance scope.

Durability: The VV/VW vaping mods contain circuitry, wires, displays, microprocessors, touch sensors and more electrical parts, that might get broken in case device accidentally fell or they might fail after lengthy use reducing the lifetime of these vaping mods in contrast to mechanical devices which contain no circuitry to wear out or get broken after accidental landing on the floor. 

Extra Hints for VV/VW Devices

When you begin using VV/VW mod start it at the low setting and slowly raise it before you will determine the setting that satisfy you. Hold the device far from liquid or extreme temperatures, because they contain sensitive circuitry it is smart to evade these to inhibit damage to a mod.

The batteries have much shorter limit of lifespan than the actual mod. Certain vaporizers contain a non-replaceable internal battery however others contain replaceable rechargeable batteries. So keep in mind this when you are selecting on the cost value of the mod.

Although the device can measure and display the resistance on a mod by itself, it’s still no alternative for the ohms reader. They perform the identical thing, but the VV/VW mod puts a greater voltage current through the atomizer than the ohms reader and if short will activate defense circuitry and put excessive strain on the vaping mod.

Final Thought

The final thought is that fast advance of the VV/VW devices created the multi-feature, safe, high performance mod, that lets customizable vaping for the great number of people and it’s currently much more affordable. Safety features are very important and it should be crucial to you when you are selecting durability for safety when you are looking for a high performance mod seems like a good decision. And don’t forget to look over our big inventory of different kind of mods and not only mods, we have parts for many e-cigs, glass pipes, hookah and more.