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Mouth-to-Lung MTL vs Direct-to-Lung DTL Introduction

Mouth-to-Lung MTL vs Direct-to-Lung DTL Introduction

Posted by Pipesarsenal on Sep 29th 2018

In case you are thinking about quit smoking like many people these days, there’s a big chance you are contemplating about vaping as possible alternative for smoking. At the same time the vaping can be a frightening and confusing thing. For the novice it’s very crucial to get the fundamentals before jumping into vaping completely. It’s simple to grasp what a market is proposing now, but when you approach the vaping, it’s essential to learn the way you want to vape as just as crucial to select the right vaping mod for you. So basically you have to know the two main vaping techniques before you are going to buy your first vaporizer. In this article guide you will find two fundamental vaping methods, Direct-to-Lung or DTL vaping and Mouth-to-Lung or MTL vaping. Two of these vaping styles give their own distinctive series of benefits, but usually each of them does well with the unique devices and vaping juice. There’s a big chance that the mod you are going to buy will not be the deeply considered decision. Majority of people who vape end up with the only one technique without considering the other one. If you want to experience both worlds or you don’t get full satisfaction from your way of vaping style then changing the technique is a smart thing to do. Finally let’s dive into two main vaping techniques and discover which one suit you better.

Mouth-to-Lung Style

When you do MTL vaping you pull the steam in your mouth and hold it for several seconds before drawing it into the lungs. It is supposed to be simple for the ex smoker to learn, because it is the mostly wide spread method to smoke cigs everywhere. Majority of vaping beginners favor this technique because of its resemblance to cigs smoking. Besides the imitating the actual smoking a cig, the total experience is surprisingly similar to smoking a cigarette. The burning or irritation in the throat is not that harsh, making a softer experience in comparison to the much rougher direct-to-lung DTL technique. MTL method is very good for the people who want to enjoy the maximum flavor with the least amount of cloud making. Because the vapor stays in the mouth for the several seconds, this lets the tongue the ability to feel the subtle tastes of the preferred flavor. Another plus side of MTL style vaping is the small cloud making, it’s good when you are vaping outside where many people around and don’t want to disturb other people by your cloud production.

The Equipment

In case you find MTL method as preferable for vaping, there are still several features you have to go over before you can start vaping.

Equipment: If you don’t want to buy something expensive and you are very price conscious as many other people then you might consider vape pens and ecig-a-likes for MTL. These vaporizers are good enough and they are very affordable. But if you want something bigger than little vaping pen and you desire something with more features and more sophisticated, then keep in mind to vape on lower wattage, don’t go over 20 watts and coil is not supposed to be lower than 1.2 ohms to get the great Mouth-to-Lung vaping feeling.

Juice: When you are buying the e-juice, it’s a good idea to look for the flavor that can be combined with a higher PG content than VG ratio for instance 40/60 VG/PG is recommended for Mouth-to-Lung vaping for couple of reasons. Basically, the e-liquid flavor that’s combined with a higher PG content will give the punchier throat hit, and it’s imitating the harsher throat hit that’s comparable to the experience of smoking cigs. The PG has properties that let it to carry flavor much more decent than VG eliquids. Basically, MTL vapers will be much more satisfied with e-liquids that contain a greater PG content since it has flavor-enhancing qualities and a fulfilling throat hit for the vaper. The Mouth to Lung way is more suitable vaping technique for people who like big volume of nicotine to vape. Low-wattage vaporizers merged with high-nicotine vaping juice gives an incredibly smooth and flavor-filled vaping satisfaction. Many vapers discovered that greater amounts of nicotine are not really mandatory anymore with Mouth-to-Lung technique, and they decreased their nicotine consumption since then.

Direct-to-Lung Style

It is called Direct-to-Lung vaping style because this method of vaping is taking the vapor directly to the lungs. Practically this method of vapor inhaling resembles normal air breathing as we do every day. If you quit smoking not long enough and you are looking into a vaping to mimic the smoking experience without the actual smoking cigarettes, then this method of vaping might not be for you, before you get used to vaping and vaporizers for some time.

DTL Vaping Experience

The DTL method might give you really rough experience. The high amount of nicotine in a vaping e-juice can give you really hard throat hit sensation in the beginning. Remember your first experience of the smoking cigarette and how it felt coughing and almost choking. But as your body got used to experience of smoking you became much less hypersensitive to inhaling smoke and began smoking easily. The vaping is the same thing you have to get used to it. So you want to switch to DTL, then another thing you have to keep in mind beside a rougher hit that will become more comfortable for you with time. The e-juice flavor will not give you so intense experience as you get used with MTL vaping. You will still feel the flavor, but it will not be so strong. The last thing to take into the account is that DTL way will produce much more cloud output. This might be a lot of fun for you in case you like Cloud Chasing and learning tricks, but it’s totally not unnoticeable when you are around many people, so you have to keep some space between you and people.

The DTL Equipment

The equipment for the right DTL vaping is really different from MTL equipment. It is crucial to get the right equipment to get the best experience from the Direct to Lung style.

Equipment: To start you have to get a sub-ohm tank and the mod that can output high power. It’s might be not a cheap vaporizer, it will probably cost over hundred dollars to get a decent regulated mod kit, although you can find plenty of unregulated tube-shaped sub-ohm mods or tube kits, they might cost under the fifty dollars. The sub-ohm coils are really different kind of coils. The Mouth-to-Lung coils are usually small and designed with artificial fibers for wicks, sub-ohms tanks are packed with organic cotton and have considerably bigger wicking ports. It lets the wick to saturate quickly with e-juice, and making a nearly non-stop flow of e-juice to the coils and making big vapor clouds.

Juice: For this kind of vaping you need to get e-liquid with very high Vegetable Glycerine (VG). The e-juice with high Vegetable Glycerine VG is very thick as molasses and it’s the best to produce massive DTL clouds. At least, you have to only consider the vaping juice that has 70% of VG and greater concentration. 

Nicotine: At this point things get more complicated the DTL vaping is not really advisable for the beginners which are trying to move from smoking cigarettes to the vaporizers and vaping. The reason is a high dosage of vapor is inhaled if you do DTL, nicotine volume higher than 6mg is not the option if you want to do the DTL. Any amount above 6mg for the beginner would probably cause a painful burning feeling in a throat and lungs, because of the very high quantity of vapor and its great nicotine content. A good advice to follow is to reduce the nicotine content by half if you shifting from the Mouth-to-Lung device to the sub-ohm DTL setup or cut even more on the nicotine content, so grow slowly with the amount of nicotine.