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Knock Off Vaping Devices: What Are They And Should You Buy Clones?

Knock Off Vaping Devices: What Are They And Should You Buy Clones?

Posted by Pipesarsenal on Apr 23rd 2019

Clone Vape Mods

Knock-off items are rampant these days. They are very popular for people who want to use or show off those high-end products but do not want to spend as much. You can easily find items such as shoes, purses, clothes, etc. that looks very similar to the real deal but do not cost as much. Vape Mods apparently did not escape this as well, hence, the existence of clone vape mods.

Knock Off Vaping Devices: What Are The And Should You Buy Clones? Guide

Clone Vape Mods: What are they?

Clone vape mods are literally, what it says on its name. They are clones of a vape mod. They are identical in every aspect including the brand name mod that you would not be able to tell them apart with just a glance.

The original vaporizer and the fake vape mod looks the same and functions the same but the clone vaping device is cheaper for obvious reasons, they are still imitations. As imitations, regardless of how they look and function, there is a big difference between the original and the counterfeit . So, read on to find out.

Why You Should Avoid Clone Vape Mods?

If there is one word to describe clone vaping device, that would be “cheap”. You can purchase counterfeit vape mods at a cheap price because the manufacturer used cheap materials to build its cheap quality. In this case, cheap is not good.

Vaping is a new industry and as such, it has a lot of birthing pains and issues. Due to its fragility, if you want to try vaping, it is best to avoid using fake vaporizers. Here are a few tips:

Look for Reputable Sellers

Whether you want to buy locally or online, make sure that you check out the seller first. Find reputable sellers, preferably those accredited or in partnership with a known brand. If there is none, at least find one that has a good return policy and offers a guarantee on quality.

Great sellers have transparency of their products and interact with their customers. Find vendors with a good reputation that can give you an original product instead of clones.

Avoid Swap Sites, Craigslist and eBay

These sites became popular because you can find a lot of good stuff at a low price. There are a lot of genuine sellers online but we recommend that you stay away from these sites if you want to avoid buying fake items or clone vape mods. Unverified sellers are rampant on these sites as well so you might accidentally purchase a knock-off vaporizer even if your intention was to buy an original one.

Ebay is popular for vendors from China who sell clone vaping devices or other knock-off products in bulk. Although it is legal, these products are unregulated and probably lack safety features. 

Clone vape mods are unregulated

If you want to ensure you have regulated products, purchase vape mods with reputable brands and from reputable shops. These regulated products would have safety features that would prevent product malfunction or even just overcharging.

Although we cannot really say that the clone vaping devices do not have safety features, there is also no guarantee that they have since they are most probably unregulated.

It is important to note that there are existing lawsuits on faulty batteries and vape explosions. Buying original brand products from reputable sellers would reduce the risk of experiencing these threats.

Knockoff vaping devices have poor quality and cheap materials

Real brand name vape mod would not come cheap. This is because manufacturers designed and created them with top-notch quality and materials in mind. A knock-off vape mod will look exactly like the original one but will not have the same material quality.

Most people would not notice as it is visible but there is also a difference in the battery used between the two. Original ones have lithium-ion batteries. Clone vaping mods usually use low-grade batteries. The lithium-ion would obviously degrade in time but the low-grade ones would degrade almost twice as fast and has safety risks.

If you want to have some peace of mind on the safety of your vaporize you have to spend some extra money and get the original ones. Rest assured that the QC department of those companies has checked those to ensure they meet the standards. The clones may not have even undergone testing and thus, they do not follow any standard.

Supporting Fake Vape Mods Destroy the Original

Keep in mind that these original brand companies spent tons of money to conduct research, do trials, find the perfect materials and develop the product. You are hurting them and probably destroying them when you support those clones who just imitated the time and effort spent by the original. If these big brands suffer losses, we might lose a reputable brand that could have come up with a few more innovative designs.

Buy Mods or Atomizers only from Certified Vape Shops

Just like the online selling sites, we have mentioned above, a lot of vape shops sell atomizers and mods at a cheaper price. Of course, some are legit, but most of the time, the low price is a sign that those are possible clones. These vape shops usually purchase them in bulk online and sell at their stores.

Find a certified local shop or a certified reseller of the brand if you want to make sure that you get an original vape mod or vape atomizer.


As much as we recommend that you buy and support the original brand name vape mods, it still boils down to your decision. Just keep in mind that you usually always get what you pay for.

You would shell out a little extra for the original vaping device but it guarantees good material, better quality, durability, and fewer safety risks. You can save more with a clone vape mod but the quality and material are also cheaper making it less durable and less secured.

Due to their similarities, spotting a clone vaporize might be difficult but with a little bit of effort and caution, you can avoid buying and using them.