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Burnt Vaping Taste: How To Avoid It?

Burnt Vaping Taste: How To Avoid It?

Posted by Pipesarsenal on Apr 23rd 2019

What Are The Causes Of Burnt Vape Taste?

Getting a charred newspaper taste when you are definitely craving for vape is not nice. That cloud of burnt vapor feels like it is scratching your throat and your lungs making you choke and vomit. If you always experience this, we have some tips for you.

Burnt Vaping Taste: How To Avoid It? Complete Guide

Reason for the burnt taste

If you are a vaper, you know that dry hits not only taste gross but they are also bad for you. Dry hits happen when your wick is not saturated or has very little e-liquid on it that it burns and you inhale burning cotton that tastes foul. 

This wick is inside your vape’s atomizer coil. It should soak up e-juice from your vaporizer’s tank. When you heat up the coil, the e-liquid on the wick turns into vapor, which you inhale. If the wick dries out, it burns when heated giving you that burnt, charred taste. 

Atomizer Coil

The life of these atomizer coils depends on the vapers. Heavy vape users would most probably change coils weekly to avoid dry hits, while light users change theirs only about once every month. The type of vape device also affects the coil’s life but the average life of these coils is usually two to three weeks.

Keep in mind that once burnt, you can no longer get rid of that charred taste on your coil. You need to replace it with a new coil. Every vaper more or less have experienced burning their coils most especially new users. If you do not know how to protect your vaporizer coil properly, it is more prone to burning quickly. 

There are a few ways to fight off coil killers and extend your coils’ lifespan while getting the best hit on flavor. Let us first identify those coil killers.

Coil Killers

Two of the most notorious killers of your atomizer coil are: Not priming the coil and Chain vaping. Most users attribute 70% of coil burnouts to these two. 

  • Coil Priming

It can be frustrating when your new coils taste burnt after just a few hits. You would most probably blame it on the coil, calling it faulty or low quality. However, the most common reason actually is the lack of proper priming before use. 

When we say priming, it means preparing the wick inside the coil. You need to make sure that you nicely saturate the wick with e-juice so it will not burn when heated. An unprimed coil with a dry wick would most likely burn right away giving you a dry hit and the worst experience.

How To Prime The Vaping Coils To Avoid Burnt Taste

Steps in priming your coils

Ensure that your vape device and vaporizing coil are compatible. You can find a printed wattage range on coil’s side. Never exceed this wattage range while vaping, otherwise, your coil will pop.

There is a large hole on the coil’s top and two smaller holes on its side. You can see the wick from these holes. Drip e-juice (around two to three drops) on each of the holes on the coil before putting it in your vaping device tank. E-liquid should pool on the top of the holes. This is to ensure that you have fully saturated the wick, and then let it rest for a bit.

There are different opinions on the length of time you should leave it soaking in the juice. There are users who recommend leaving it only for a few minutes and others who suggest that you leave it longer or even overnight for a better taste. The decision is entirely up to you, just do not forget to do dry “primer puffs” before using. Primer puff means taking puffs (short and sharp breath) through your vape device without igniting it. Doing this will make your first real puff the tastiest possible puff.

  • Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is the common cause of coil burns. With tasty vape juice, most vapers cannot help but take in puff after puff with minimal or without any breaks. This damages your coil, as it does not have time to infuse ejuice before you puff again. Your wick dries out immediately and burns causing that awful burnt taste even when you have just changed coils.

Avoiding Chain Vaping

To avoid coil burnout by chain vaping, the ideal interval between hits should be around 15 to 20 seconds. As simple as this sound, however, it can still be challenging for some. Most vape users are ex-smokers, so they still carry with them the habit of taking several short puffs just like what they do with their cigarettes. Chain vaping also satisfy nicotine cravings so it mostly practiced by those hooked on nicotine.

If you have nicotine cravings but wants to avoid chain vaping, switch to higher strength nicotine vape juice or one with a higher PG content. These vape juices will satisfy the nicotine cravings of ex-smokers.

The simplest but the hardest is self-discipline. You take slower but longer hits then store your vape in your bag or pocket to avoid the temptation of taking another hit too soon.

If you do not plant to stop chain vaping but just wants to avoid burning out your coil, you might want to switch to an RDA or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. Unlike a regular vape device, you would not have to wait long for the wick to soak up enough vape juice but you need to re-drip it after a few puffs. An RDA is typically for advanced vape users although you can always buy different vape devices and use them alternatively between cycles.

Other Reasons for Coil Failure

Unprimed coils and chain vaping although the most popular, they are not the only reason why your vaporizing coils burn out faster. We have mentioned a few below but keep in mind that there are a lot more factors that affect the lifespan of your atomizing coils.

  • Choice of Vape Juice

Your choice of vape juice can also be a reason why your coil burns out faster. Some e-juice causes your coils to gunk up. This is common to vape juices with high sugar and high VG content. Compared to normal PG based liquids, those with high VG are more viscous and thicker. The wick inside the coil would have a hard time absorbing them and thus leads to a burnout.

Stick to a vape juice with a lower VG content, preferably below 70%. If you cannot help but use this type of vape juice, you need to upgrade your tank and use a more absorbent and reliable wick.

Try to avoid very sweet vape juices as well. If your e-juice has too much sugar, it would caramelize when heated and block your coil from absorbing more juice. It would eventually lead to drying out and burning out of your coil. A buildup of gunk on your coil not only shortens its life span but also affects the taste of your vape juice. Unfortunately, most of the best tasting vape juices are the coil killers.

  • Low Level of Vape Juice

Always check the level vape juice on your tank and refill as needed. Letting it run low can damage your coil as your wick might no longer have e-liquid to absorb and lead to a burnout. As tempting as it might be to let your vape juice run to the tank’s bottom or squeeze the last few drops, avoid it. If the juice no longer covers those input holes on your coil, your wick is already at risk of possibly drying out.

Keep the juice in your tank at a good level with always enough to cover those coil holes. If there is still juice left on the tank and you want to change flavors, just simply pour the content back into a bottle and pour in the new flavor. Better yet, create a new flavor by combining two different flavors. If your tank does not allow you to see whether the juice covers the coil holes, then just make sure that the tank is always about 25% full.

  • High Power Vaping

You can measure vape power in watts and your coils would always have a maximum allowed wattage printed at its side. Always check the recommend watts for each coil and do not ever exceed it as they can pop your coils or kill them faster. 

When you use a higher temperature in vaping, you vaporize the e-juice at a faster speed than the wick can absorb them. Continuous puffing would dry out your wick and cause a burn out.

If your vaporize allows you to adjust its voltage or wattage, avoid turning it up too high especially if you like taking very long puffs or prone to chain vaping. Always follow the recommended wattage on the vaporizing coils.

Unfortunately, for those who like sub ohm vaping, they tend to use higher watts or voltage. If you like high intensity vaping, consider switching instead to an RDA or rebuildable dripping atomizer. You might also want to switch to a drip tip. If you do not want to switch, you can just upgrade your device’s tank system.